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Preparing For Homebirth

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Do you find yourself thinking...

"Where do I start with preparing for birth?"

"Can I really have my baby at home?"

"I just don't know what to expect".

With a Birth and Baby Expert,

You Could

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Give birth on your own terms

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Have a loving and bonded birth experience with your partner

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Care for your newborn more confidently

Hire a Black Birth Pro to support your along your pregnancy, birth, and parenthood journey.

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Doula Support

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Read What Our Families Have to Say

Brennya F.

"Dasia was literally the most amazing birth support/doula . She was so flexible in what I wanted leading up to my birth and ultimately what I actually needed when it came time for my birth . I was so informed on all of the possibilities and also all options."

Liz W.

"She walked me through every question I could come up with. Her postpartum care was so comforting in the weeks after birth. I was helped with breastfeeding, comfort, and my emotional state all in a gentle and professional way.

Elisa P.

"I could not have had the birth experience I wanted without her insight!"

Connect With a Birth Professional

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Let's plan for the birth of your dreams.

Your Team For Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenthood Support

At Black Birth Pros, we specialize in taking a holistic, whole-family approach to the support we provide.

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